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Get High Quality Leads on Autopilot
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You want to level up your marketing and ensure every dollar you spend on ads is well spent!
With my experience managing hundreds of thousands of dollars in YouTube Ads and scaling to high multi-six figures, I can help you get there. If you are a coach or course creator and want to keep high quality leads flowing through your funnel for your high ticket offer, you need to try Youtube Ads!


Increase the quality and quantity of your leads with our YouTube Ads Lead Generation package!


The YouTube Ads Leads Generation package includes:

YouTube Ads Set Up & Campaign Research

We will perform all keyword & audience research to setup your YouTube Ads campaigns and lay the foundation for you to get consistent leads on auto-pilot with YouTube Ads!

Customized Strategy & Funnel

We will work together to create a solid marketing strategy for you so you can seamlessly integrate YouTube ads into your business and focus on your zone of genius!


We will setup conversion tracking in each step of your funnel so we can see exactly how your future clients are interacting with your business and build retargeting audiences.

Video Ad

We will teach you exactly how to create your first video ad; including brainstorming video concept, scripting, how to format for YouTube specifically, and how to set up your channel (if you don’t have one already).

High Converting Ad Copy

We will create your ad copy including YouTube-specific descriptions, attention grabbing headlines to attract your ideal clients and get them into your funnel.

Campaign Optimization & Daily Maintenance

We will check your stats daily and keep detailed records of how your ad campaigns are performing, as well as optimize as needed.
and more:

Retargeting Campaigns

We will build retargeting audiences and run retargeting campaigns based off of the data we collect from your cold traffic campaigns, which will increase your conversions.

Weekly Analytics Reports

You will always be aware of what’s going on in your Ads account(s). We will share your analytics reports with you and be available for quick check in chats weekly.

Omnipresent Retargeting

Not everyone who interacts with your ads is ready to invest in your services right away. That’s ok! Because we’re going to follow them around the internet and across platforms so they can’t forget you. It’s very cool!
 "I had a mentor that said 'Jelisa's teaching you all the tricks. These are tricks that I was $40,000 in debt from!' If you're interested in becoming the best version of yourself, loving yourself wholeheartedly, running a business that shows the World what you're made of, if you want to build a business that uplifts other people, I really think Jelisa is the person for you" 

Jasmine G. , Miocoa Strategies



Hey! I'm Jelisa💛
And I am your YouTube Ads Girl! My fascination with online marketing started 9 years ago when I started my YouTube channel sharing health & wellness tips. After years of experience in organic strategies, my desire to be a more well rounded marketer led me to YouTube and Google Ads. I’ve learned from the best in the business and used that knowledge to scale my husband’s business to high multi-six figures in under 12 months. And I would love to use my expertise to help you do the same!

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Click on any of the "Let's Get Started" buttons and complete the form that pops up. We will review your submission within 24 hours to see if we would be a good fit for your marketing needs.


If our program is right for you, you'll get an email inviting you to schedule a consultation call with Jelisa where we will discuss your next steps and you will learn more about how YouTube Ads will work in your business.


After your consultation call is complete, you will receive a proposal and contract. Once those are approved and signed, we will officially begin working together! 


 You probably have some questions, well here's some answers:
How does this work?
Submit your application to be considered for YouTube Ad Management. If your application is approved, you will be invited to a strategy call with Jelisa where you will discuss how to get started 😉
What Does "Done for You" mean?
It means that we create your campaigns and manage them on a daily basis, so you can focus on what you're good at.
What kind of business is this for?
The YouTube Ads Lead Generation Package is specifically for online service based businesses - i.e. coaches, consultants, course creators.
How long will it take for my ads to start running?
The YouTube ads setup can take up to 2-3 Weeks, after your on-boarding is complete. (This includes you recording your ad.) First, we will hop on a call to gather all of the info we need from you to get started with setup. The 2-3 weeks also includes our keyword and audience research process, creating ad copy, and video ad review. Once we receive your final ad videos, we will set up your campaign and submit your ads for approval by Google (usually only take <24 hours) once they will start running, we step into "management & optimization" mode!
Do you guarantee more sales?
My goal is to help you increase the quality and quantity of your leads. View YouTube ads as a lead generator. It is YOUR job to convert your leads into clients. This is why your funnel needs to be on point! 
What do you mean by Omnipresent Retargeting?
So glad you asked 😊  We will help you establish your presence on MORE than just YouTube. Once we have enough data from your initial cold traffic campaigns, we move into Phase 3 of the YouTube Ads L.G. package, and set up retargeting campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram as well. This way, they can't forget about you!
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